Structural and technical changes in Brazil:

An analysis of the declining coefficients hypothesis from 2003 to 2013

  • Henrique Morrone Prof. Adjunto UFRGS
Palavras-chave: mudança técnica, direct input coefficients


The aim of this paper is to investigate the declining coefficient hypothesis to Brazil during the 2003-2013 period. It uses statistical methods applied by Obstlom (1992) and Aroche-Reyes (1995), to verify the pattern of technical change in Brazil. We built the input-output tables employing the methodology developed by Guilhoto and Sesso (2005). The results indicate a change in the structure of the economy, leading to a decrease in Leontief's direct technical coefficients. The Brazilian economy presented a positive economic preformance, from 2003 to 2013, marked by a rise in the productivity of inputs.  


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Henrique Morrone, Prof. Adjunto UFRGS
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Morrone, H. (2020). Structural and technical changes in Brazil:. Revista Teoria E Evidência Econômica, 24(51), 282-299.