Effectiveness of over-the-counter tooth-whitening strips and toothbrushing for stain removal

Investigação Científica

  • Francisca Daniele Jardilino Silami
  • Anselmo Agostinho Simionato
  • Rafaella Tonani-Torrieri
  • Carla Cecilia Alandia-Román
  • Fernanda de Carvalho Panzeri Pires-de-Souza Departamento de Materiais Dentários e Prótese, Faculdade de Odontologia de Ribeirão Preto da Universidade de São Paulo
Palavras-chave: Brushing, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Hydrogen peroxide, Tooth discoloration, Staining


The present study compared the effectiveness of brushing and over-the-counter tooth-whitening strips on stain removal. Forty bovine teeth were used. Initial color readings were taken, and half of the samples were stained with grape juice for 7 days. The others teeth were used as the control. Both stained and control teeth were randomly separated into 2 groups (n=10) according to the treatment they underwent: whitening strips 2 times/day for 30 minutes for 7 days and mechanical brushing for 1 year using toothpaste. After treatments, new color readings were taken and results of color stability (ΔE) and changes in coordinates (ΔL, Δa, Δb) were statistically analyzed (2-way ANOVA, Bonferroni p<.05). Statistical differences were found in ΔE, and all coordinates (p<.05) between control and stained groups, with major changes in the stained group for both treatments. The control group showed greater alteration in Δb, being higher (p<.05) for bleached teeth, decreasing in yellowness. For stained teeth, Δa showed the greatest change, decreasing in redness, being higher (p<.05) for bleached teeth. Both treatments were effective for removing stains, and tooth whitening proved to be a more efficient method for removing stains from teeth that had not been subjected to the previous staining.


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Silami, F. D., Simionato, A., Tonani-Torrieri, R., Alandia-Román, C. C., & Pires-de-Souza, F. (2019). Effectiveness of over-the-counter tooth-whitening strips and toothbrushing for stain removal. Revista Da Faculdade De Odontologia - UPF, 24(1), 52-57. https://doi.org/10.5335/rfo.v24i1.8798